Solve This Riddle: There Is A Treasure Within A Big Metal Box.

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In a cave, there is a treasure within a big metal box with a lock on it.

There is also a monster in the cave that has two keys with him;

one gold and the other silver.

The monster will give you only one chance to open the lock using one of the keys.

If the box doesn’t open, the monster will kill you.

Since the monster is a bit helpful it would give you a clue in finding out the correct key.

Can you choose the correct key by deciphering the below clue?



Find The Answer For Monk Sets Out To Climb A Tall Mountain

Yes, there is a point along the path that the monk occupies at precisely the same time on both days.

If you assume that the there are two monks, one does the route from the top, and the other from the bottom. At some point, they must meet. There’s your point.