Three Guys Are At A Golf Club.

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Three guys are at a golf club and a cell phone rings. One of them picks it up.

“Honey, are you at the golf club?”, asks the voice over the phone.


“I saw this amazing leather jacket recently at the mall, but it’s $1000. Can we get it?”


“I also passed by a car for sale which has the amazing mileage! However, it’s $90,000. Can we PLEASE get it???”

“Sure, honey”

“One more thing, I glimpsed a house as I left work, and it is so huge and amazing! The bid was at $900,000, and no one’s there to make another bid. Can we get it?”

“Why not, honey?”

“Thank you! I love you!”

The other two men are astonished as to what he did.

He places the phone back down and says,

“Anyone know whose phone this is?”