The Pope, Jesus, And An Old Man Are Playing Golf.

This is Funny.

The Pope, Jesus, and an old man are playing golf.

The pope crosses himself, blesses the ball, and swings.

He drives the ball 600 miles. He bows his head and gives thanks for the amazing drive.

Jesus steps up to take his shot, I holds his hand in the air, creating a tailwind, and takes a swing.

He drives the ball 900 miles.

The old man steps up to take his shot; with a putter.

He gently taps the ball. A feral cat chases the ball, knocking it further down the field of play and accidentally knocks the ball into a water trap.

A fish swallows the ball.

A crow dives into the water, claws extended, and grabs the fish.

The fish fights and wriggles the whole flight.

Then, with it’s last effort finally sets itself free. The fish lands on the green, the force knocks the ball loose and it dribbles into the hole.

HOLE IN ONE! The old man proclaims.

Then Jesus looks at him, shakes his head and says “Ya know, Dad, I really wish you’d play fair”

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