An Old Man Is In The Big City The First Time.

This Will Make You Laugh Crazy.

An old man is in the big city the first time in his life for a doctor’s appointment.

He takes a taxi, a Mercedes, to get to his appointment.

The whole ride he bombards his driver the most stupid questions about life in the big city.

The taxi driver gets more and more irritated about the questions.

Finally the man asks: “What´s the star in the middle of your hood for?”

The driver feels joked on and answers:

“It`s for aiming at the pedestrians, obviously.”

The old man nods it of

“ah interesting…” and the ride continues.

Further down the road the taxi driver gets to a crosswalk and almost hits a man, but manages to avoid him the last second.

He hears a hard bump from the back of the car followed by the old man shouting:

“Man you are bad at aiming. If I hadn´t opened the door quickly you would have missed him.”

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