Mom Doesn't Know How to React When She Finds Brightly Coloured Pills in Her Daughter's Nightstand Drawers

Find out what she does next!

via Twitter / @acbanks3

Almost everyone has had that moment as a teen when your parents found something that you really didn’t want them to!

Whether it was a report card you’d been hiding, stashed alcoholic beverages or something questionable in your computer’s browser history.

When this Mom went looking in her daughter’s bedside drawers for a calculator, she wasn’t expecting to find what she did!

The fact that what she originally thought it was was completely wrong makes the interaction between the mother and daughter that much funnier.

Check it out below!

Twitter / Ashley Banks

When Ashley asked her mom to look in her nightstand drawer for the calculator, she had obviously forgotten that there was something that would make her mom freak out!

via Twitter / @acbanks3

Oh no! It looks like Mom found something!


Say ‘No’ to drugs kids! They lead to addiction and depression and can really mess up your life!

via Twitter / @acbanks3

If your parents find out you use them, you could lose their trust and get grounded for like forever!


No parent would like the look of these pills! They look likely to transport you back to the land before time!