A Man Wanted To Know How Giving Birth Actually Feels.

So His Wife Explained Him.

After going through Lamaze, Leboyer, and La Leche classes with his expectant wife, the proud new father remained by his wife’s bedside throughout labor and the delivery.

Wanting to be as sympathetic as possible, he took his wife’s hand afterward and said emotionally,  “Tell me how it was, darling, how it actually felt to give birth.”

“Okay, honey,” his wife replied. “Smile as hard as you can.”

Beaming down beatifically at his wife and newborn child, the man followed her instructions. “That’s not so hard.”

She continued, “Now stick a finger in each corner of your mouth.”

He obeyed, smiling broadly.

“Now stretch your lips as far as they’ll go,” she went on.

“Still not too tough,” he remarked.

“Right,” she snapped. “Now pull them over your head.”