A Man Wakes Up And Looks At His Clock.

This Is Hilarious.

A man wakes up and looks at his clock.

It is 7:07 am.

He gets out of bed, goes downstairs and glances at his calendar.

It says it is July 7, the seventh day of the seventh month.

As he steps outside he notices Bus #7 going by.

He walks to a coffee shop and orders a coffee and a bite to eat and the bill comes to $7.77.

The man thinks

“hmmmm… all these sevens… I think the universe is trying to tell me something.”

So feeling that maybe this is his lucky day, the man cuts out early from work and goes to the race track.

He reads the racing schedule and sees that in the seventh race horse # 7 is called

“Lucky Universe”.

The man can’t believe it. He runs up to the teller and bets all his money on the horse.

The horse came in seventh.