How Many Of These 9 Random Trivia Facts Do You Know?

We bet you never knew these 9 crazy facts! Test yourself here!

xWe all have that one friend that’s just full of so much random information, sometimes it can be pointless, but other times not so much…

No matter what the subject of discussion is, they seem to have at least an idea about it already. They just seem to be like walking, talking encyclopedias!

If you think you’re one of these people, test yourself below and let us know how many of these facts you already knew in the COMMENTS section on Facebook!

1. Those raised lined edges that you find in the caps of plastic bottles are there to serve a purpose.

Without those liners, the soda in the bottle will go flat much quicker. The tight seal helps keep the liquid and carbonation tightly in the bottle.

2. There’s a name for the blob of toothpaste that you use.

It’s called a nurdle. Funny name, right?

3. The holes you find in pen lids aren’t there for decoration.

They’re there so that if you swallow the lid, air can go through it, meaning you won’t suffocate. Good to know!

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