A Dirty, Old Drunk Man Came By And Asked About The Job.

This Is Truly Hilarious.

A dirty, old drunk came by and asked about the job.

The director, not wanting him near the patrons, thought that the easiest way to get rid of him was to give him the damn interview and get done with it.

The drunk was served a bit of wine, who in turn smelled it, took a sip and put the glass down.

“It’s a Moscatel, three years old, made from grapes harvested from the northern parts of the region, aged in a steel barrel. Low quality wine, but acceptable”.

That is correct,” said the shocked director,

“bring another sample, please!”

He was given another sample of wine,

“8-year cabernet, southern mountains’ harvest. Aged in an american pine barrel at eight degrees Celcius. It’s three years short for it’s optimum quality”.

The director could not believe it.

He called for another sample, then another and another.

This kept on going for a while.

Finally, he decided to play a trick on the drunk.

He whispered to his assistant, and she left the room hurriedly and came back a few minutes later with yet another glass, which the drunk tasted.

“26-year old, healthy redhead. Three months pregnant and if you sons o’ b!tches don’t hire me by now I’m telling who the real father is!”

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