A Cop Waits For A Bar To Close.

This Will Make You Go ROFL.

A cop waits for a bar to close and watches for drunks to drive off… :

The elderly man who out the door stumbles wanders around looking for his car, then drops the keys under his car and starts crawling around looking for them.

The cop, knowing if he waits until the elderly man finds his keys and pulls out he’ll have a DUI arrest, sits and watches him for a while.

Eventually, the elderly man finds his keys and fumbled with the lock a while, and eventually gets into the car and cranks it.

By the time he pulls onto the road, his is the last car in the parking lot and the cop hits the blue lights and pulls him over.

He administers a breathalyzer test and can’t believe the results:

0%.” I don’t understand,” says the cop,

“you were staggering around, losing your keys, crawling on the ground…explain yourself!”

“Simple”, the elderly man says,

“I’m the designated decoy.”

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