A Man Is Having An Affair.

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A man is having an affair…

However, one night the local motel he usually frequents with his mistress is full so they just end up having s*x in his car.

They have a good time and he takes her home, saying he will see her soon.

The next day is his Wife’s birthday, so he takes her to a nice restaurant, along with his kids and Mother-in-Law.

As they are driving there he suddenly has to slam his breaks to avoid a collision.

As he does so something rolls up and hits his foot from behind.

It’s a woman’s shoe!

Realising he has left evidence from the night before in the car, the man has to think fast.

“Hey look is that Johnny Depp!?!” he yells out and points to his right.

Everyone in the car looks and starts asking where.

As they do so, he quickly grabs the shoe and throws it out the window.

“Oh I must’ve been wrong, don’t worry about it” he says, relieved that he has gotten rid of the evidence and he won’t be caught.

So the family arrives at the restaurant and everyone gets out of the car, starting to make their way inside.

Except the Mother-in-Law who looks quite distraught. His wife yells out “Mom, what’s wrong?”

“I can’t find my shoe!”

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