A Businessman Living In New York Decides He Needs A Break.

This Will Make You Go ROFL.

One day, a businessman living in New York decides he needs a break.

He is feeling a little beat-up by the stresses of city life, and he concludes that a leisurely drive in the country would do him a world of good.

So, he rents a car, and he sets off on his quest to find some peace of mind.

As he drives along a beautiful country road, he sees something odd in the distance.

As he gets closer, he can see that it is a farmer standing under a tree near the road holding a pig.

Curious, he pulls to the side of the road.

He watches intently as the farmer picks up one pig after another to let them eat an apple from the tree.

This curious behavior fascinates the businessman as he watches this go on for several minutes.

Finally, he can no longer contain himself.

He calls out to the farmer,

“Excuse me sir, but what exactly are you doing?”

The farmer calmly replies,

“Why, feeding the pigs, of course.”

The businessman is a little surprised.

He calls out to the farmer again,

“But, wouldn’t it save a lot of time if you just shook the tree to cause the apples to fall to the ground so that the pigs could eat them there?”

The farmer looks at the businessman, confused, and he replies,

“Time? Pigs got no concept of time!”

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