A 70 Years Old Man Who Has Just Married Came To A Doctor.

This Will Make You Go ROFL.

A 70 years old man who has just married came to a doctor to check his sperm health.

The doctor took a jar and said

“take this jar home, and return it tomorrow morning with your sperm sample inside”

On the next day, this old man returned to the doctor and gave the jar.

But the jar was still empty and no sperm at all inside it.

The doctor asked him why it’s still empty and he said “Ok Doc, i tried it with my right hand but i couldnt, then i tried with my left hand, i couldnt, i even tried with both my hands and still i couldnt..then i asked my wife to try it with her right hand she failed, she even tried with her mouth but i still got no luck”

“Oh no, it’s serious problem”, said the doctor

“Soon, i called Betty, a young girl next door to come for helping me”, the old man continued.

“In front of me and my wife, she tried with her right hand but she failed, then she tried with both her hands and she still failed, she even tried to clamp with her legs and she failed again and again”.

“What??!! She did those all in front of your wife and she wasnt angry??” asked the doctor curiously

“No, she wasnt angry at all..and until this morning before i came here, Betty, my wife and i still cant open the cover of this jar”

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