3 Guys Were Discussing What Gifts.

This Will Make You Go ROFL.

3 guys, who were brothers, were discussing what gifts they were getting for their elderly mother for Mother’s Day.

The first brother, Brian, said,

“I bought Mom her very own Lexus and chauffeur. She was always complaining about not being able to drive well.”

Charlie, the second brother, said,

”I bought Mom a penthouse apartment. She always complains about the house she lives in.”

Steve, the third brother, said,

“I bought Mom a parrot that can speak 7 languages.”

A few days after Mother’s Day, the boys receive a letter from their mother, which read:

“To my dear 3 boys, Thank you for all your nice Mother’s Day gifts.”

However, I couldn’t use the car that Brian gave me because I’m too old to go out anymore and the chauffeur is mean.

The new penthouse from Charlie is nice, but it is too big for me to clean each day and I’m only ever in the bedroom.

But Steve, you did a fine job in choosing a gift. The chicken was delicious.”

Steve is shocked and calls his mother.

“Mother, that was a parrot. Why did you eat it? It could speak 7 languages!”

His mother said,

“Well then, why didn’t it say something?”